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Archive for September 2018

Prepare for EEOC Onsite Visits

HR professionals whose companies have pending Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) charges against them should be ready for the possibility of an EEOC onsite visit and should turn the visit into an opportunity to show how the company complies with anti-discrimination laws. A site visit to follow up on an EEOC charge signals that this…

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Who’s The Boss? Limiting Your Liability For Employee Misconduct

Here are some ways to reduce your exposure if your employees get you sued. Whether harm arises from an accident with a company vehicle, an assault in a customer’s home, or harassment of an employee by a co-worker, the victim — or, more accurately, the victim’s attorney — is going to want to go after…

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The Fraudster Down the Hall

Employees are stealing from their own companies, and they are taking much more than just paper clips and Post-it notes. Occupational fraud—sometimes called internal fraud—is globally costing businesses the equivalent of billions of dollars annually, according to a new global report. The methods used by the culprits vary. Some skim cash from the reserves or…

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