Do You Need An Employee Handbook?

As a small business owner, it can sometimes feel impossible to do it all. It’s difficult enough to ensure that employees are performing quality work, let alone have to be concerned about issues with problems including attendance, the dress, and how each employee should work together.

One of the ways to help enforce these rules is to write an employee handbook, but doing so can sometimes be tricky. Before you begin writing your employee handbook, consider a few important factors, including why you may need an experienced HR consultant to get the job done correctly.

Why it’s Important for Your Business

Your employee handbook is going to serve as the guidelines and basis for how your employees will be treated involving issues such as any problems with attendance, worker’s compensation, and more. On many occasions employees are required to sign the handbooks to guarantee their understanding.

While you are likely going to communicate acceptable behavior to your employees, the handbook is going to serve as a legal resource to manage employee expectations and requirements. The handbook will also dictate actionable punishments for employees who fail to follow those expectations and requirements.

Why it’s Important for Your Employees

Your employee handbook is going to be what your employees will rely on for their own reference when it comes to dress code, safety, and security, for example. Not only will writing an employee handbook protect you in the case of a dispute, but it will give your employees the right to defend themselves.

Your employees can also refer to the employee handbook for any questions or concerns.

Why You Need an Experienced HR Consultant

Because an employee handbook is so important to your place of business and your employees, getting the help of a seasoned HR consultant can ensure that your handbook is worded clearly, accurately, and is easy for employees to understand.

An experienced HR consultant will have experience in drafting contracts and handbooks for businesses. They are also aware of the rules and regulations that need to be followed by small businesses, so that you and your employees are protected.

Hiring an HR Consultant

You have worked hard for your company, so it is our turn to work hard for you. Our team of dedicated HR professionals have a combined 47 years of experience and knowledge that is required to write an effective employee handbook and to protect the interest of both you and your employees.

Contact us online at or at (812)-318-0629 for more information or to find out how we can review your employee handbook so that it contains everything it needs to be successful.

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