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Taking Advantage of Your Summer Break – Revisit, Refresh, and Review

Handbooks. The mere mention of the company handbook typically sends HR professionals into a furious search for any project other than the company handbook. Sorry, I can’t work on the company handbook, I have to watch the paint dry in my office. For this reason, beyond passing them off during perfunctory onboarding, handbooks typically get…

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How to Establish a Performance Improvement Plan

A performance improvement plan (PIP), also known as a performance action plan, is a tool to give an employee with performance deficiencies the opportunity to succeed. It may be used to address failures to meet specific job goals or to ameliorate behavior-related concerns. Outcomes may vary, including improvement in overall performance; the recognition of a…

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For Employer, Paid Administrative Leave Is Not Always A Safe Harbor

A recent ruling from the U.S. District Court may surprise employers who order paid administrative leave for employees being investigated. The lesson of the case is that, depending on circumstances, paid administrative leave might constitute a materially adverse employment action sufficient to prove an unlawful retaliation claim against the employer. Judge Rya W. Zobel issued…

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DOL Issues Opinion Letter On What Constitutes Work Time When Employees Travel

On April 12, 2018, the US Department of Labor’s Wage & Hour Division (WHD), issued an opinion letter, FLSA2018-18, responding to an employer’s request for guidance concerning its obligation to compensate employee travel-time under the Fair Labor Standards Act. The WHD begins the opinion letter by re-affirming several basic principles: Compensable time generally does not…

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Inclement Weather Policy Should Factor In Safety, Pay

Employers look for ways for nonexempt and exempt employees to work remotely An inclement weather policy has two dimensions: The first and most important is employee safety; the second is pay. Employers should give serious thought to allowing employees to stay home on days when there is a significantly elevated risk of a traffic accident,…

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